The Program and its Philosophy.


Our Four Year Old program runs over three consecutive days (Wednesday - Friday 9.15am - 4.00pm) and is taught by Baiba Thompson, a highly experienced Kindergarten teacher with over 25 years experience. She is passionate, committed and has a wealth of knowledge. 

St. John’s is a special place where we help children become independent, self-confident, inquisitive learners. The activities we plan, the way we organise the environment and plan our daily routines, are all designed to promote their self esteem and foster a love of learning.
Our learning environment is organised as a welcoming place for exploration and discovery,
as well as for communication and collaboration.

Our program incorporates both intentional teaching and the extension of ideas emerging from the children’s interests. A major component our program is the development
of respect for ourselves and others, for our environment, for diversity and for the cultural backgrounds of our children.

Our son is thriving at St John’s!  It’s a combination of the wonderful teaching, supportive environment, and intelligent program.  However, St John’s is more than just a kindergarten; it is a community of warm, like-minded families too. 
— Scott & Mardi Ramsay

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